In today’s world of online reviews, HVAC Professionals need to have a solid online presence. A lot of people are turning to the internet as their first stop when looking for service providers. 

They want to learn about you and your company before deciding whether to hire you or not. To get a handle on online reviews, it’s best to use review software.

Let’s take a look at the top five review softwares available for HVAC business owners.


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PulseM is one of the best reputation management platforms built for home services. This field management software instantly helps you easily interact from any device. It notifies clients about upcoming appointments and provides personalized technician bios to give them a sense of added comfort and security. 

Since it automatically requests customer feedback after appointments, there is a higher chance customers will actually leave you a review. This will help your social media presence, lead generation, and overall revenue generation. It can help you get consistent and genuine reviews that help you build your HVAC brand.


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Podium centralizes all business reviews from across different platforms. You can access this software through its free iOS or Android app. It can also be used to send review invitations, check analytics, and manage existing reviews. Users can see their reviews along with other customer feedback for quick and informed decision-making. 



Birdeye has helped many businesses boost their search rankings and convert searchers into customers. As a comprehensive platform for reviews, it turns feedback into insights and eventually into profit. 

BirdEye also provides all of the tools that you need to manage and track reviews, including features like automatic alerts and updates. It provides detailed analytics on reviews and options for monitoring your social networks. Lastly, it ensures that all your online business listings remain up to date.


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Swell helps you stay in touch with your customers so they feel confident about the HVAC service they receive. With this platform, it’s easy to engage with customers and automatically generate reviews and feedback. This is a one-in-all platform where you can manage all your leads and follow-ups. 

Swell is a great tool that can help HVAC professionals get more reviews on Google My Business (GMB). It’s user-friendly, and you can even customize messages, so you have complete control.


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Yext is a data management tool designed to track all your business’ location-related information on multiple directories. With the help of Yext, you can generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which will help you differentiate your business in today’s new search experiences. 

Using this app is super easy. Just scroll down to find the section where you can add your business information. Next, add your country, business type and name, and contact number. Then, click “Scan Now,” and Yext will generate a list of directories and how your business appears on them.


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If you’re an HVAC professional who wants to harness the power of reviews, consider using one of these easy-to-use platforms.


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