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More Students For Your Martial Arts School

Fill your classes, schedule, and wallet using proven marketing campaigns

Marketing Shouldn’t Be Risky.

Your business needs to invest in marketing to connect with the right customers and sell more products / services. You’ve been in business long enough to know that some risk is unavoidable, but marketing companies should be doing a better job.

Too often marketing companies promise the world and deliver next to nothing. You could never get away with this in any other industry, so why should they? Why should the marketing industry continue to get away with delivering next to nothing to their paying customers?

Marketing Companies Shouldn’t Learn On Your Dime…

…Yet that’s what you get 90% of the time you hire a small marketing company. And the larger ones, who have “case studies” in your industry, too often have won by sheer dumb luck – even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Not to mention the pain in the neck it is to work with a large company that won’t respond to your emails and make it impossible to get someone on the phone. Even the small neighborhood agency is charging an arm and a leg for the simplest of services.

An Obvious Solution

The way to give your marketing dollars the best shot and maximize your ROI is to focus on specific, targeted campaigns that have been proven to work in your industry.

The team needs to be made up of experienced professionals, while being small and nimble enough to respond to your needs.

That’s where we fit in.

Your Business Growth on Autopilot.

Great marketing is not a slot machine, it’s a vending machine.

Great businesses are run by numbers. With our team, your marketing numbers will be made crystal clear – cost per lead.

When you can consistently and profitably generate new customers, you are on your way to scaling your business as far as you want to go.

Is this some push button solution? Absolutely not.

Will you need to create systems and procedures to support the leads we create? 100% yes.

A Proven System.

Proven Marketing Now began with a simple mission: reduce risk, maximize ROI.

Our proven marketing campaigns do exactly that. When you work with us, you know you’re getting a marketing campaign that has been tested, proven, and polished in your vertical.

We are constantly on the hunt for the next best campaign and a stronger ROI for our clients.

Let us go to bat for you.

Our goal is to perfect marketing campaigns in your industry

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