All HVAC businesses should track their keyword rankings.


Search engine ranking is the main reason to use software to track your HVAC keywords. Usually, HVAC contractors use SEO to increase calls, leads, conversions, website traffic, and sales in their region. If your company’s website does not rank in the top three results for keywords, such as AC repair near me, you may be losing HVAC leads.

According to BrightEdge report, about 53% of local internet traffic clicks on the first three organic search results. So, SEO is essential to being visible across big-name search engines like Google and Bing.

HVAC is a competitive industry. Having organic visibility is the key to more customer leads. Keep reading to learn which software to use to track your HVAC keyword ranking. 

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How do Keyword Trackers Work?

A keyword tracker is a tool that monitors your website’s position for the specific targeted HVAC keywords. After the page indexing, the ranking works in descending order in terms of relevancy. 

Robot.txt files are useful in assisting Google to search for relevant content. This is the root directory of your website, along with your domain information. With the use of specific robots.txt directives, a higher-ranking keyword will organically help the website.

For example, if you search for AC repair near me, the results will depend on your current geographical location. Searching in a specific state or city will show HVAC business and their location on the map, along with customer reviews. With an efficient tracker, you can easily switch from desktop and mobile versions for better geo-specific rankings.

Here are a few examples of tracking software that we recommend.

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Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a custom software to create automated reports to stay up-to-date. It connects all the major digital marketing channels to make it easier to analyze and comprehend data. You can integrate more than fifty platforms and customize the dashboard as per your requirements. 

The software is equipped with essential SEO tools such as rank tracker, site auditor, backlink monitor, and competition analyzer. These tools help in assessing the rankings and proceeding with the relevant keywords.

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Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an SEO ranking tool to find SERP information for all your websites. It has organic mobile and desktop results search elements, which makes it easy to analyze across these platforms. You can use the tracker for analysis, research, and reporting. With its in-depth reports for local keywords and ranking and white-labeling options, it’s a great option.

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MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ is one of the most trusted SEO tools to track keywords because it can provide insight into keywords’ priority and show search volume. You can also track inbound links, domain authority, and predict ranking influence. 

You can connect MOZ directly to Google analytics. It is easy to perform competitive research, spot-check keywords, and view progress…all with one tool.

Tracking your HVAC keywords will keep your business on track with SEO marketing.


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