The content on your HVAC website will help inform, entertain, and generate new customers.

Today we are talking about H-tags and how you should use them in all of your website copy, including landing pages, blog posts, and more.


H-tags are an important part of any basic SEO strategy because search engines like Google and Bing pull H-tags from websites to prioritize search result pages.

Let’s do an experiment. 

If you have a blog without H-tags on your HVAC website, go and check your organic traffic.

Now change the headings using H-tags on your most recent post and check the organic traffic in a few days.

I’ll bet the traffic has gone up.

Sounds crazy, I know! But this simple part of the SEO strategy can make a huge difference in your organic traffic.

Still unsure about H-tags? Don’t know how to update your H-tags in WordPress? Keep reading!

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What Are H-Tags?

H-tags are a type of heading text that can be placed within your website copy to help search engines rank your page. 

Look above… “What Are H-Tags?” is an example of an H-tag.

There are different levels of H-tags, including H1, H2, H3, and H4.

  • H1 tags are used for titles and are the largest-sized font
  • H2 tags are used for subheadings and are slightly smaller than H1
  • H3 tags are commonly used as a subsection for H2
  • H4 tags are mainly used for list and bullet points

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Should I Use HVAC Keywords In My H-Tags?


Since search engines like Google and Bing pull directly from your H-tags, it’s so important to use high-ranking HVAC keywords.

Your HVAC keywords should include your service and geographic information. Use keywords such as furnace repair your-city and your-city furnace repair

It’s also best to use high ranking words in your H1 tag. So, make it a best practice to always include an HVAC keyword in the title.

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How To Update H-Tags In WordPress?

Now that you’re convinced H-tags are important, it’s time to make some changes to your WordPress HVAC website.

Whether you’re updating H-tags or starting fresh, the process is the same and super easy:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website
  2. Go to pages or posts
  3. Highlight text you would like to change
  4. Click on the paragraph menu and select your H-Tag

That’s it!

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By utilizing H-tags more, you will notice an increase in organic website traffic.

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