So, there’s this guy Danny who is always complaining about being single and how he can’t meet a girl.

He spends almost 90% of his time hanging out on the couch playing video games.

To Danny’s credit, he did create a profile on a popular online dating site.

But…he never took the time to message anyone.

He spent a total of 30 minutes setting up his profile and that was it.

What am I getting at here?

This is the same thing that happens to HVAC business owners when looking to hire new technicians. Most owners are too busy to focus a lot of time on recruitment. 

Ask yourself this: what is the most important asset to your business?

The technicians, of course!

Having quality HVAC technicians is the backbone of any successful HVAC business. So it’s worth spending more than just 30 minutes throwing together a basic job listing.

Luckily, there are some ways to help with hiring new talent.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 secrets to recruiting the best HVAC technicians.

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1) Find People Who Work For Other Companies

Take a look at other HVAC companies. What type of compensation and benefits are they offering their technicians? Can you offer a better package and persuade technicians to come work for your business?

Check out online reviews of your competitors and see if any techs are named. If so, then you can reach out and see if they are looking for new opportunities.

2) Find People Who Are Recently Licensed Or Graduated From Trade School

Check out the local vocational schools and ask if there is somewhere to post a job listing.

Many schools have a website with job postings for internships and recent graduates. If not, you may be able to hang up a flyer on a bulletin board.

3) Talk To Your Suppliers

Reach out to your suppliers and ask if they know of any qualified technicians looking for work.

Supply companies meet with a lot of different people in the industry. So there’s a good chance they will have some leads.

4) Send Out Direct Mailers

If you find a list of contact through other companies and/or vocational schools, try sending out a mailer to their home address encouraging them to apply to work for your HVAC company.

Get a little creative and address the wives. Let them know their husbands can make more money working for you.

Keep the mailer short…Create a postcard or short letter.

5) Create A Referral Bonus With Current Employees

If you already have great technicians working for you, tap into their network.

Create a referral bonus for a candidate that your current employee recommends. Set it up so the bonus is paid out when the new hire successfully completes a probationary period.

There are lots of companies doing this throughout many industries.

Remember to take your time finding the right technicians because it will pay off in the long run.

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