So, you search for something on Google, and in seconds the search results page loads. No big deal, right?


Those results are your personalized search results. 

They aren’t merely based on conventional ranking elements. These search results are based on the information a search engine has regarding the user (you) at the specific time, like search history and geographic information.

Personalized searches aim to improve the relevance of search results for a particular user. They are tailored to reflect what you want and to give you precisely what you need. 

Here’s how personalization might impact your HVAC keyword rankings.

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How Personalization Can Help



The main goal of adopting personalization is to enhance the user experience and increase revenue. When you implement personalization on a website and improve user experience, you’ll automatically enhance metrics such as: 

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the proportion of single-page sessions, which means a user visits a webpage and leaves without clicking through other pages or without completing a sale. 

 Average Pages Per Site Visit

This metric reveals the number of pages a user has visited on the website on average before leaving. The industry standard is two pages per session. Your HVAC website should aim to engage users, cultivate interest, and convince the visitor to take the next steps of calling for HVAC services.

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4 Ways to Implement Personalization


Recognizing Your HVAC Brand

Keep advertising your HVAC business in other ways than just the website. Try to get people to know who you are before they begin a search.

Suppose you’ve attracted people to your website previously through forms or other searches. In that case, you’re likely to find yourself ranking higher in people’s personalized search results because they have visited your website in the past.

If you keep ranking higher for HVAC keywords, users will continue clicking your website and won’t return to the search results to connect to a different website. 

Dialed in Keyword Targets

HVAC keyword targets are essential for attaining higher ranks. HVAC business owners commonly believe that they only have to worry about keywords targeting pages explicitly meant for search results.

However, personalization implies that if you can get target keywords on pages that aren’t necessarily meant for search results, search engines like Google are likely to rank your website much higher. 

Maintain Visibility in HVAC Service Locations

When it comes to location, you want to ensure that you’re relevant everywhere your business provides HVAC services. Often, this means registering for an account with Google My Business (GMB).

There’s a chance that your service area is a bigger radius than what you might see from Google Maps results. You can attain higher rankings outside your particular location using content that includes other cities/states you wanted to be relevant for. 

Content Sharing and Connecting with Potential Clients 

Google + is a great place to generate personalized search because you can drive people to your website. It’s also possible to obtain potential traffic directly through the platform. Your HVAC business will appear in the search results at the bottom for anybody who follows you or is connected to your company through email and other Google apps.

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When users visit a website with personalization, they’re more likely to stay longer and click through other pages.

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