If I hadn’t produced these results myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it.

A 37% conversion rate is the holy grail in landing page effectiveness.

How was I able to do it?

By breaking all of the rules and putting things in the wrong places.

What I mean by that is if I had “listened to the experts” and “done things by the book” I would never have created my landing page the way I did. That is, the way that actually worked!

So there are two really important lessons here when it comes to marketing your martial arts school or gym:

Test Everything On Your Ads

The truth is, who knows how effective your ads will be!? Who knows what the market will respond to?

No one is omniscient and we’re all just playing the odds.

In light of that, marketers need to have some humility and remember that their way of doing things might not be the best way. Everything should be tested.

And if you’re testing, you definitely need to…

Measure Everything On Your Ads

How will you know if your test was successful unless you took the time to measure the results?!

This seems obvious but so many people choose not to measure and instead just “feel out” how they are doing. This is a huge mistake. People have enough time remembering what they had for breakfast. How on earth can you remember if your change to the landing page generated 25% more leads?


The more I go down this path in marketing, the more I am learning myself. It is refreshing to be surprised by some results.