Do you want to generate more HVAC sales leads? If so, then managing your online reviews is critical. Many HVAC businesses have tools in place for responding to customer feedback online.

However, the best way to maximize HVAC sales leads is by proactively reaching out and following up with customers after their purchase or service call. This blog post will discuss how HVAC professionals can use these strategies to increase HVAC sales leads!


Importance of Online Reviews


When the need for HVAC service or repair arises, only a few turn to a phone book. Instead, most people grab their phone and search online to find trusted local companies with excellent reviews from satisfied customers! 

Moreover, when a company wants to get ahead of its competition, it must have positive reviews. For customers and potential leads alike to know what kind of service people can expect from HVAC companies in general, then more exposure will be good!

HVAC companies with tons of positive reviews are seen as more credible to potential HVAC customers.


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How to Manage Online Reviews To Generate More HVAC Sales Leads

Generating HVAC leads online isn’t just about having a fantastic website and social media presence. It’s also essential to manage the HVAC business’ online reviews so that they can get discovered by more people who need HVAC service or installation! 

Here are some ways HVAC professionals can use to increase their HVAC sales leads by managing their HVAC reviews:

Reply to HVAC Reviews Promptly and Thank Them For Their Feedback 


HVAC businesses should strive for a 24 hour response time. If an HVAC business replies quickly, they will appear more professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers who want fast service! 


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Solicit HVAC Reviews from Current Customers 

Hiring a company that will help you increase your HVAC sales leads isn’t cheap! However, if they have HVAC leads software, they can help your HVAC company manage online reviews and get more HVAC sales leads by asking current customers to rate their experience on review websites.

Reach Out To Customers Who Didn’t Leave a Review 

HVAC business owners need to reach out to the people who had an unsatisfactory HVAC experience. If HVAC professionals can turn a negative HVAC customer review into a positive one, they will generate more HVAC sales leads!

Solicit Feedback from Employees 

People who work for your company should also leave reviews and feedback on review websites like Yelp or Google Reviews. Feedback from employees reflects on the company’s work culture and impacts the decision of potential HVAC sales leads.

Only Reply To Directly Relevant Reviews

Although HVAC professionals should try and reply to as many HVAC reviews as possible, you should only respond to directly related reviews. HVAC professionals shouldn’t get into any arguments with HVAC customers online. Instead, they should thank them for their feedback and let it go!


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Encourage employees to seek reviews

Many technicians are also afraid or disinterested in asking for reviews. So you must encourage and train them on how to ask for reviews, deal with customers that deny giving a review, and guide the ones interested in rating you online.

Keep an Eye Out for Fake Reviews

Hiring a team of HVAC leads software professionals will help you keep an eye out for fake negative reviews and delete them immediately. This will make it easier to manage online reviews and get more HVAC sales leads!


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