The biggest problem in HVAC…

How do I recruit and retain the best techs?

​​​You’ve probably come across a few tips to solve that problem…

But what if the most effective solution wasn’t in the HVAC niche?

What if the most effective solution came from professional baseball?

We interviewed Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group and he is using a unique methodology to find all-star techs and keep them motivated and loyal.

The crazy part is…

He learned this methodology (in part) from his experience as a major league baseball player!

Click above to watch this interview now – and learn how the tried and true ​​​​​​​​​​​​methods used in the majors can help you in your local market!

In this interview we highlight:

  • how to recruit A-players even if you’re a mom and pop shop
  • what personality profiles to look for in your techs
  • how to incentivize your team to make sure you remain profitable​​


-Michael Tesalona

Co-founder, PMNow​​​​​​​​