There is a common denominator shared by successful martial arts and fitness businesses… that is an unshakeable belief in themselves.

I call this the winners vs losers mentality. Sadly, obstacles and adversity – over time – can shake the confidence of someone with a winners mentality and turn them into a loser.

This video explains how to identify if you have a losers mentality and what you can do to change it.

Your belief in your ability to create success

So, I wanted to talk to you guys today about belief and the winner’s mentality. And I think this is one of the most important things when it comes to winning in business, in competition. Just in the world. And I don’t think that a lot of people are talking about it, and I don’t think they’re giving it the attention that it really deserves. And what I’m noticing, because I’m speaking to business owners every single week, what I’m noticing is the people who have great businesses, they all seem to have this big common denominator. And that common denominator is that they believe that they’re going to win. They believe in themselves, they believe in their ability to make things happen. They believe in their ability to create success.

And the folks who don’t have it, they’ll never say like, “Hey, I’m a loser.” But instead what they’ll say is things like, “Oh, I don’t have a big name behind me.” Or, “Oh, it’s actually better off to have a really small school and a really small business. And I don’t even want to get that big.” Or they’ll say things about all of the things that are holding them back, like, “Oh, it’s so hard to find good help and good staff.” And, “Ah, my God, I can’t find a really good person behind the front desk.”

Identifying patterns from the outside

And it’s just … for me, from an outside perspective, you guys have probably noticed that it’s harder to identify your patterns. It’s hard for you to identify your own patterns of behavior. But if you’re looking at somebody else, you can really, really clearly see like oh, this is this person’s problem. They don’t even know it. And from my end, I talk to people about growing their business all the time. And I can see that the big problem is never what they think it is. Like they think the problem is their location, or whatever, the competition in the area. And it’s not that.

The losers mentality

The big problem is that they have a loser’s mentality. And so I want to make this clear as day, because a lot of people who are in this space, you guys come from some sort of a sports competitive environment. And so I’d ask you, if you were looking at a fighter, or just somebody who’s going into competition to a tournament, and you have some person who is literally just like timid and afraid, or thinking that they’re going to get hit, or thinking that they’re going to lose. Even if that person was highly skilled and did have great athleticism, great technique, all this other stuff. What would you give them on their odds going against somebody with slightly less technique, slightly less athleticism, but with a die hard belief that yes, we can make this happen?

I think it’s pretty obvious, you would literally choose the person who had belief over the person with the core abilities. Because you know in a sports environment, belief makes that much of a different. Now, look, with business, you run into all sorts of adversity all the time. You run into competitors, you’re losing students, you lose staff. Landlord issues. I mean I talked to a business owner, and his place just burnt down, and the insurance company wasn’t helping him out.

The confidence gets beaten out of you in business

There’s all of this adversity. And the thing is, is over time, getting adversity after adversity after adversity, it can really change somebody who was optimistic, and who did have this inner belief in themselves. It can change them to be somebody who’s going to be guarded. And when you’re guarded, you’re not thinking about moving up, you’re thinking about protecting what you have. And that’s what makes people play a really small game. That’s what gets people to say, most of the time, like, “Yeah, I’m okay having 75 members. I don’t want any more. It’s okay that we’ve got a 1,000 square foot facility. I’m not going to do any more than that.”

Because the thing is, a lot of time … look, some people are fine with that, and that’s cool if that’s you. But a lot of times, the same person who says that will say, “Yeah, but my goal is to have five schools but the time I retire.” And it’s like well dude, what is it? Are you going to play small? Are you going to play big? And it really just boils down to an inner belief in yourself.

How Jiu Jitsu holds the answer

One of the things I love about Jujitsu is that Jujitsu, it’s all about hitting failure. You have failure, and then you think about it and you say, “Okay, I’m going to make this change in what I’m doing, and I’m going to see success later on.”

I mean if you really think about it, the core of that is actually a belief that I can make adjustments, and I can win. I believe in my ability to adapt and to overcome obstacles. And that’s the entire thing about Jujitsu, and that’s why I think it’s so freaking amazing, because the entire sport is built around this belief. And that belief really needs to carry over to the business end. It’s got to be like hey, look, we ran into this obstacle, but I can learn a technique, and I can overcome it.

And if you have that, you will be able to adjust, you will be able to have the school of your dreams. And I say this as if … there are people, you realize, there are people out there who have seven schools, that literally each school has hundreds of people. And they’re all running themselves quite comfortably. That does exist.

The corny phrase to repeat

So, I came across … I’m always looking at business information and I think it’s Rob Dyrdek, he’s the guy with Rob & Big, the TV show of ridiculousness. This guy, he’s on a path to become a billionaire, and he talks about with his kids what he does is he literally coaches them every day to say, “I believe in me. I believe in me.” And it sounds cheesy, and it sounds corny, or whatever. But I mean this is a guy who is extremely successful, and he identifies that it’s that inner belief. It’s the winner versus the loser mentality that really makes a difference.

So, I really urge you guys to look at what’s happening in your business. What are the obstacles that you’re facing right now? And see if you can focus in on what’s the big obstacle, the one thing? And then think to yourself, do I have a winner’s or a loser’s mentality about this?

And if you had a winner’s mentality, if you had absolute certainty that you could solve that one problem, what would you do? What actions would you take, and how would you act around it? Because you might examine this and find yourself thinking to yourself wow, I would approach this 1000% differently if I knew that I could find a solution to it. You’re not going to find a solution unless you’re confident that you’re going to win at it.

So, anyway, I hope this has been helpful for you guys. Stay tuned, more content like this coming. See you soon.